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Child Doing Art Activity


Construction, Blocks, Playdough etc. Centers

• puzzles, stringing beads, and using manipulatives. 

• Making observations about shape and size 

• Developing spatial concepts

Writing Center

• Recognizing letters and sounds 

• Recognizing my name and how to build or write it

• Learning how to hold a pencil and Pre-writing skill

Math Centers

• Observing, weighing, measuring, etc. 

• Learning numbers, counting, shapes, patterns, etc.

Reading & Listening Centers

• Print awareness, letters, and sounds recognition 

• Using pre-reading skills and improving comprehension 

• Developing listening skills 

• Making connections between stories and illustrations.

Science Center

• Discovering and exploring 

• Making predictions, observations and conclusions


• Learn about the love of Jesus.

• Learn basic Biblical stories.

Sensory & Art Centers

• Explore and experiment using various sensory media in play (water, sand, paint, mud, rice, rocks, etc.)

 • Experiment with colors, mixing colors and creating art 

• Building tactile awareness

Dramatic Play Centers

• Experiencing family and community roles 

• Exploring real life and anticipating new situations 

• Express feelings, emotions and empathy for others

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