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The Christian Church of Hillsboro was established October 17th, 1862 and “proceeded to come together as a Christian congregation, agreeing to take the Word of God – The Scriptures of divine truth – as our only rule of faith and practice.”

The Christian Church of Hillsboro stands in the tradition of the Stone-Campbell Movement, a movement begun in the early 19th century to regain the spirit of New Testament Christianity.  From its beginning, the Restoration Movement practiced local autonomy for its churches.  There is no national denominational organization.


Therefore, while some similarities exist between congregations, they are not mandated from any authority outside of the control of the local Body.  The similarities are the result of a common understanding about what the Bible clearly teaches.  We choose to have the Holy Scriptures as our sole rule for faith and practice.

We want this church to honor the past but plan for the future.  We have a rich heritage and an honorable history as a movement.  But as we honor the past, we understand that we don’t live there.  The church is called to equip men with the teachings of Jesus and their implications for the world in which we live.  We desire to faithfully carry out the ministry that Christ has entrusted to His Bride, the Church.

We do not consider ourselves to be the only Christians, but choose to be Christian only.

Alexander Campbell

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